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Photomurals FAQ

Frequently asked questions about murals & photomurals

  • In which sizes are the photomurals available?

    Our collection comes in a variety of sizes, from 50 cm-wide panels to very large murals that can be up to 900 cm wide and fill the room. In addition to our standard sizes, we also offer custom mural sizes to achieve perfect results for any size of wall. The murals can be made up of one or more panels or sheets, depending on size, resulting in a wide variety of possible vertical and horizontal formats. You will find the number of sheets, or panels, as well as the available standard size in our product descriptions. 

  • Can I also order a photomural in a different size?

    To achieve perfect results for every wall size, our designs can be made to measure. Please use the configurator in the shop (Adjust Size button). Your custom design will be digitally printed for you on high-quality non-woven material. Production in this case will take around 5-7 working days. 

  • Can I have a photomural made from one of my own photos or designs?

    We would be happy to produce a photomural on high-quality non-woven material of a photo or design supplied by yourself. The digital printing process also supports the printing of small runs and one-offs, which is why we are very flexible in this regard. Simply send in the digital data of your desired motif and we will send you the first drafts of your custom design for your approval. We then print your individual photomural on high-quality non-woven material. The quality of the data is crucial for the print result (we recommend image material of at least 300 DPI). Our customer service team will work with the graphics team to create a preview of your designs and send them to you for approval. Please e-mail your request directly ( or call us on 08031 406890 to discuss your requirements. 

  • Which paste should be used for the application?

    Our murals can be hung with commercially available wallpaper paste. Some of the murals are already supplied with paste. You will find this information in the product description on the website, or on the label of the mural. You can of course also order paste directly from our online shop. Processing instructions can be found in our directions for use, as well as on the label of the paste itself.  

  • Are the murals washable?

    If you want to remove paste residues after hanging the mural or smaller stains at a later time, this is possible with due caution. To do this, slightly dampen a sponge or cloth (not dripping wet!) and carefully dab the desired stain. Use only lukewarm water without detergent. 

  • Can the murals also be hung in wet rooms or outdoors?

    Our wallpapers are first and foremost intended for indoor use – the material should not be exposed to constant moisture or wetness. 
    However, the murals can be hung outdoors or in wet rooms under certain conditions, provided that the area is protected from the weather or moisture. In this case, it is important to apply a protective coating on the mural after pasting. Please note that we cannot assume any warranty for this. 

  • What can I do if there are air bubbles in the mural after pasting?

    After applying the sheet to the wall, carefully smooth down from top to bottom and move the air bubbles from the centre to the sides. If small air bubbles are still visible after hanging the mural, you can prick them with a thin needle to allow the air to escape. 

  • Can I reorder individual parts?

    For production reasons, it is only possible to order complete designs. 

  • What is the best way to prepare the wall for the mural?

    The surface of the wall should be clean, smooth and free of oily residue. Sand down oil paints, remove all remnants of wallpaper and smooth the surface. Fill in any holes and cracks. To ensure maximum paste adhesion, the substrate must be absorbent. 

  • Can photomurals be removed and reused?

    The mural is straightforward to remove from the wall, even after years, but it cannot be reused. Removing non-woven wallpaper is extremely easy. All you have to do is dampen the mural with a wet sponge and then peel it off one panel at a time. For paper photomurals, you will need a little more water to dissolve the paste and then remove the mural. This will leave some paper remnants, however. 

  • Can paper photomurals also be applied without overlaps?

    With paper photomurals, it is necessary, for technical production reasons, to print the motifs for application with an overlap. We recommend using the lower sheet to overlap the upper sheet, so that the edge is barely visible after pasting. Digital printed murals made of non-woven material can be applied flush without any overlaps.

  • What has happened if individual parts of the paper mural have different sizes or do not fit together?

    After pasting one part, the paste must be left to soak in for 3 minutes before applying the sheet to the wall. This is important because this causes the paper to expand. If you apply a sheet to the wall before the paper has fully expanded, it will be smaller than the other sheets and will no longer fit in with the overall motif. In this case, the sheet would continue to expand on the wall, potentially resulting in rips or bubbles. 
    Similarly, if you hold an unpasted sheet up to the rest of the sheets that have already been pasted to the wall for inspection, the dry sheet will not match the overall design as it also only expands after pasting. 

  • Can I return photomurals?

    The 14-day right of withdrawal applies. Any defects in the delivery must be notified to us immediately. Please lay out and inspect the mural before hanging as we cannot be held liable for errors during hanging. Please note that murals that have been made to your specification (custom designs) are excluded from the right of withdrawal. 

  • How do I dispose of mural paste?

    You can clean the dirty brushes or stirrer under warm running water, while the mural paste itself can easily be disposed of as household waste or construction waste. (go to Instructions on how to dispose of mural paste)

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