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Sustainability and social responsibility

Good for your home, good for the environment

Here at Komar, we firmly believe that businesses can play a big part in protecting our environment. This is why we want to ensure that our company operates as sustainably as possible in terms of production methods and energy supply. And, of course, we also encourage our staff to act in an environmentally responsible way in their everyday work.

We consider it of utmost importance that we offer our customers high-quality products that fulfil all possible requirements in terms of the environment and sustainability. This is why we are proud to have been awarded the following quality seals and certificates.


Sustainability and environmental protection are a matter of utmost importance to Komar. This is why we are proud to be able to contribute towards a better environment, as is proven by the our FSC® certification. The FSC® certificate refers to the so-called wood supply chain. It guarantees that only wood sourced from responsibly managed forests is used in Komar products and that this wood is traceable in all production and retail processes: from forest manager to photomural. The wood used to produce Komar photomurals comes from sustainably managed forests – and fulfils with economic, ecological and social requirements.


Komar's non-woven material has been awarded the "Confidence in Textiles" certificate, which guarantees ecological and socially responsible production conditions along the entire supply chain. Komar products have also been tested for harmful substances, and it was confirmed that Komar's textile products present no risk to human health. The testing and certification system applies to textile raw materials, intermediate and end products – in other words, all stages of processing.

Harmful substance testing tests for substances prohibited by law, legally regulated substances, substances known to be harmful to health and health protection parameters. The awarded certificate confirms that Komar's non-woven products are absolutely harmless in terms of the above-mentioned criteria. This means Komar wallpapers are completely safe and can be used in rooms for children, such as bedrooms or kindergarten rooms.

Emission label

The inks used to print Komar products have been awarded the prestigious Greenguard Certification for Indoor Air Quality®. Our inks were tested for indoor pollutant emissions under strict conditions in a climatic chamber. The test is carried out according to the requirements of the rigorous French VOC Label. Our products received an A+ rating, which is the best possible result. The test is based on ISO 16000, which describes the methodology required by law in Germany. The methodology is also used by the Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB) and the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

Phthalate Free

None of Komar’s products contain these plasticisers. We deliberately avoid these types of plastic in order to protect you and the environment from harmful substances. Even without PVC, our murals have a fabric-like and velvety surface texture.


The packaging material of our photomurals is marked with the Triman logo.The logo indicates that these products are recyclable, collected separately and cannot be disposed of with the residual household waste.


Our murals do not contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC). When you buy a Komar wallpaper, you are not only doing something good for the environment but also for yourself.

Production & development

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100 % Made in Germany

Our murals are made in Germany. In our company’s printing facility in Kolbermoor in southern Bavaria, we can map the entire process in-house - from development and production to the final delivery of the murals. This allows us to avoid long delivery routes and reduce emissions. Our in-house printing department also prints the mural backing material to exacting standards, largely using environmentally friendly inks.

A total of 1,236 individual photovoltaic modules are installed on the roof of our company building. They generate significant amounts of renewable energy, which can then be reused directly on the company premises.



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Suppliers with high standards

We require our suppliers to act in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, which is confirmed by means of a COC declaration. Both our non-woven material and our packaging are made in Germany. We also source our products such as paste, picture frames and canvases from within Europe. 

Working conditions

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Transparent and fair

Right from the start, all of our people, no matter their level of seniority, can expect to be treated with respect in the workplace. After all, as a training company, we are interested in employing our trainees at our company in the long term. Many members of our team have been with the company for many years. Our offices have height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs, enabling our employees to avoid back pain at work. When choosing our raw materials, we also ensure that the manufacturers’ working conditions are consistent with our values. 

Transport and logistics

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Comprehensive measures

Our packaging material is 100% recyclable. We want to keep the packaging waste from our products and packaging as low as possible. During the production of photomurals, the printing machines generate warm air, which is then transported to the company’s adjacent storage and production rooms using a special heat recovery system. This enables the compressed air, which is a by-product of the manufacturing process, to be used to heat the premises, ensuring the efficient use of the energy generated. 

The majority of our orders are shipped in a 100% climate-neutral manner via GLS. This is indicated by the Klima Protect mark. ClimatePartner's cooperation with GLS means that certified climate protection projects with ClimatePartner are promoted and various further measures are supported in order to avoid emissions in the long term. 

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