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Window Photomurals

Window photomurals help to create a feeling of space and look deceptively real, looking out onto a palm beach or lush garden for example. You’ll feel like you are really there. The beautiful motifs transport everyone away to that special place.

Paradise View

Photomural on non-woven 450 x 280 cm
€211.76* €16.81*/m²


Photomural on paper 368 x 254 cm
€76.96* €8.23*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 400 x 260 cm
€152.60* €14.67*/m²

The perfect escape

Breathtaking views to inspire the soul. Look out onto exotic palm trees or a vast turquoise ocean and be transported away to your dream destination.


Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€94.57* €18.91*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 400 x 260 cm
€152.60* €14.67*/m²
Fenster Double


Photomural on non-woven 400 x 260 cm
€152.60* €14.67*/m²

Brooklyn Brick

Photomural on paper 368 x 254 cm
Regular Price: €76.96
€38.48* €4.12*/m²

Belle Vue

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 260 cm
€152.60* €14.67*/m²


Photomural on paper 368 x 254 cm
€76.96* €8.23*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 368 x 248 cm
Regular Price: €119.00
€62.95* €6.90*/m²


Photomural on paper 368 x 254 cm
€76.96* €8.23*/m²
Fenster Spruch


Photomural on non-woven 300 x 250 cm
€173.86* €23.18*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 368 x 248 cm
Regular Price: €119.00
€59.50* €6.52*/m²


Photomural on paper 354 x 254 cm
Regular Price: €76.96
€38.48* €4.28*/m²

Wallpapers with window motifs - View through the window

As everyone knows, living space is at a premium and it is not unusual to feel somewhat cramped within your own four walls. In cities in particular, views of the countryside tend to be restricted. The most you can expect to see in many cases is the wall of the building opposite. At the same time, we may also dream of getting away from it all to new adventures or relaxing beaches. The solution: the amazing views of a beach photomural.

Window scenes – create a room with a view

Komar’s window scene murals offer a remedy here, opening up your view to undiscovered worlds, exotic destinations and faraway places, and creating your very own holiday destination with dream view from the comfort of your own home.

Window scene photomurals to make your room feel bigger

A positive side effect: in addition to an enchanting view, window scene murals from Komar also add depth to your room. The three-dimensional composition of the 3D-effect murals creates a depth effect, making the room appear both larger and wider. The window-look murals make you feel like you’re standing on the doorstep to the big, wide world!

Escape the everyday with a window scene photomural

Komar’s selection of window-effect murals offers a number of highlights:

You’re sure to find something to add interest to every interior style. See for yourself:

Mediterranean beaches with sea views or beautiful garden scenes

With Komar’s window scene murals, you can transform your home into a paradise. Offering a view through open windows, light-flooded patio doors or a wooden veranda looking out onto beautiful gardens, white sandy beaches, majestic palm trees and the deep blue ocean. The 3D photomural window-effect design make you feel as though you are living directly by the water, for an exotic getaway from the comfort of your own home! 

Greece, the Maldives, Malibu or Mallorca – Komar offers all these dream destinations as window scene murals for your individual interior design. Be inspired and escape to your dream holiday destination without leaving your house. 

Urban living with views of the New York skyline

The urban style of living is still ever popular. Life in the big cities is much revered and the style is now finding its way into our homes. Window scene murals featuring views of the famous cities of our world create a special ‘big city’ ambience. 

Whether it’s a dizzying penthouse view of the skyscrapers of New York or a dream view over the city of love, Paris, Komar has window-effect murals offering unique views for both the modern, loft-like interior style as well as for more traditional, romantic living.

Rustic mountain views

The mountain panorama of the Dolomites serves up an especially charming view. Looking out from the rustic timber wall of the mountain cabin with its lovingly designed details, this mountain photomural makes you feel like you are in the heart of the mountains and nature. A window scene mural combining high-altitude air with mountain cabin charm!

Quality non-woven and paper photomurals

All Komar paper murals are FSC certified, which means that the wood used in the product has been harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable. Furthermore, no plasticisers, PVD or solvents are used in the manufacture of the murals. The elaborate printing process using UV-resistant inks promises brilliant colour results for both our paper and non-woven murals, with no fading even under extensive exposure to light.

Made-to-measure photomurals: customise your mural

Order your window photomural in the size of your choice! It is possible to resize almost all Komar photomurals to fit your specified wall dimensions.  To do this, click the Adjust Size button on the mural product page.
In the photomural configurator, you can now enter your wall dimensions and have the mural adjusted accordingly. You can also choose to mirror your subject, zoom in closer or select a specific area. Since all custom-made products are printed on non-woven lengths using digital printing processes, you will also receive information directly after the configuration as to how many non-woven lengths will be delivered to you (each length is 50-cm wide).

Create a new living experience with Komar window scene murals

The high-quality window scene paper murals are easy to handle and can be applied to the wall in next to no time. Every paper photomural supplied by Komar includes a special paste with which to hang the mural as well as simple step-by-step instructions on how to hang the mural.

To ensure a successful end effect, please observe the following before hanging the mural:

  • First of all, it is important for paper murals to have a smooth, well-prepared surface without any unevenness.
  • Mix the paste according to the instructions and apply to the mural, then leave to soak for 2-3 minutes.
  • Finally, attach the individual parts of the paper mural to the wall with a 2-3 mm overlap as the photomural will contract again as it dries.

Now nothing stands in the way of a new living experience with a view!

Window-view murals by Komar

If you’re looking to be inspired a wide variety of window-view murals, you’ve come to the right place. Komar has a photomural to suit every taste and add the perfect finish to every room.

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