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Image by Sabine Häusler

"First-class designs, highest print quality and years of experience make Komar the perfect partner in the field of wall decoration.
Our passion for photomurals and excellent customer relations motivate us to demonstrate full commitment to our work every single day.
Allow yourself to be inspired by our products and discover Komar's wide range of motifs!"

Sabine Komar-Häusler Managing Director

Mission Statement


Quality through innovation

As Gerhard Komar observed in the 2000s, we are living in a very fast-moving age. This calls for a high level of innovative strength and the will to keep abreast of the latest standards in production techniques. Thanks to many years' experience in the industry, we can draw on a wealth of knowledge and expertise that allow us to keep up with progress and work with new first-class materials and printing processes. We select and develop these with the utmost care and consideration, and are therefore able to offer our customers easy-to-handle, top-quality products.



Members of our in-house design team always bear in mind the latest creative trends and their own creative visions when designing new motifs. They produce up-to-date, striking new designs that enhance our diverse range of products. This provides customers with a wide choice of solutions, and the right product to suit every taste.



Our customers receive not only a product, but a comprehensive package consisting of goods and appropriate services. Thanks to our extensive distribution network and close links to partners throughout the world, we guarantee smooth processes and easy access to our product range.



As a family business that goes back many years, we attach great importance to good personal relationships both with our staff and with customers and suppliers. Characterised by reliability and commitment, our working atmosphere supports a loyal and trusting relationship with our external partners.

We are proud of our professional and motivated team of workers, and with them we look forward to facing the challenges that lie ahead.


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