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Komar Videos

Instructions for use of our wallpapers, decorative Dots and wall tattoos, helpful professional tips or collection presentations – the versatile videos from Komar provide the ideal insight into the world of photomurals and make you want to start a new DIY project.

  • Your special place with Komar

    Special places evoke special emotions in us. Whether it's complete serenity, sheer happiness or pure contentment, nothing in the world can substitute these pleasant feelings.

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  • Tapezieranleitung für Fototapeten

    Tapezieren ist so einfach und kann sogar richtig Spaß machen – wenn man sich bei der Anbringung an ein paar wenige Tricks hält.

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  • Le Jardin

    Every season is unique in its own way – it's the colours of nature that make us realise which season is upon us. While winter is quiet and reserved, spring and summer convey pure vitality. In autumn, nature hosts a glamorous fashion show, bathing deciduous trees in beautiful colours and clothing them in stunning leafy foliage in gold and yellow hues.
    The new LE JARDIN photomural collection fully comprehends nature's ability to create a picturesque backdrop in your home. It brings together beautiful landscape motifs, stylish floral prints in the style of chinoiserie and colourful still-lifes for the perfect ambience.

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  • COLOURS - Imagine Edition 5

    Each colour has its own character.
    They influence our mood and say a lot about our personality. So in which tones we dress ourselves and our walls, reflects our soul.
    Do we prefer to hold back and reflect on the essentials, or do bold colours give us energy and pure joy of life.
    The Imagine Edition 5 collection lets us slip into roles and show our colours. Which colour are you?

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  • Komar wall tattoos - Decorating can be so simple

    The colorful stickers have a self-adhesive back and therefore are easy to handle. They can be fixed very simply to the wall and can also be readjusted by lightly peeling. A cute and easy idea for young and old décor fans.

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  • Into Adventure Collection

    Being a child means seeing life as one big creative game. Everyday routines become exhilarating journeys of discovery, and in every corner of kids' rooms there's fun to be had and things to learn.

    If you give your fantasy free rein, you can immerse yourself in magical worlds, dream of Disney superheroes or discover your spirit of adventure with a spontaneous voyage to the Star Wars galaxies.

    Into Adventure is a photomural collection from Komar that takes young and old adventurers into mythical worlds and shows that even holidays at home can be wonderful experiences.

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  • INK Mural Collection: Come in and take time for yourself.

    Coming home means returning to your true self. That‘s why the home is not just a place to live – but much more:

    A place to relax and calm down. A place that grounds and gives security in these fast-moving times. But also a place that offers space for creativity, individuality and imagination.

    The new INK photomural collection from Komar is creative, inspiring, refreshing but also balanced and laid-back at the same time – and invites you to linger at home!

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  • Komar DOT Instructions

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  • Home - Imagine Edition 4

    Rarely has our home been a better place of retreat. In the era of corona and remote work, the homely comfort factor within our own four walls is more important than ever before. Komar's new collection of photomurals from the Imagine series helps create living space that is truly relaxing and soothing. The high-quality wallpapers are characterised by an inspiring mix of design themes to suit all interior styles and wall decoration. Whether your look is contemporary or classical − with mystical tropical scenes, floral motifs or rustic stone or concrete-like structures, we cater to all furnishing ideas.

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    Komar Dots - Circle up your Life! Runde Fototapeten

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  • How to Dot

    Location, location, location - You found the perfect corner in your apartment for your home office? Great… but what about the white wall you are staring at all day? We have the solution for you. Decorate your walls with a easy to use Arch Wall Decal and change your home atmosphere in couple of minutes.

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  • Lost Places photomural from Stefan Hefele

    When it comes to showcasing special locations around the world in a unique way through photography, renowned landscape photographer Stefan Hefele is as good as they come. Komar’s “Lost Places” series demonstrates this impressively, transporting us to far-flung locations and buildings where time seems to stand still.

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  • Komar RAW

    RAW - just three letters, but based on a very special idea. Sometimes glamorous and extravagant, sometimes detailed, sometimes minimalistic and unconventional - but first and foremost one thing: a revolution. It takes hard work and long research until the result is perfect. But it‘s worth it. Because Komar’s new RAW Collection comes out with designs, that truly love your walls.

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  • Komar photomurals on non-woven - Instructions: Wallpapering has never been so easy!

    Child's play – Wallpapering has never been so easy!

    This tutorial shows you step-by-step just how easy it is to apply photomurals to walls. The instructions provide useful tips and tricks and make wallpapering simple and easy to understand.

    A photomural is not only a fantastic and creative do-it-yourself project for any DIY enthusiast, it also creates a very unique, feel-good atmosphere thanks to stunning high-resolution, top-quality motifs.

    Check them out yourself – from vast landscapes, urban cityscapes, romantic floral arrangements or modern wood and stone structures! Or decorate kids' room with delightful motifs from the world of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars.

    Motifs on these and many other subjects are available at www.komar.de.

    Enjoy your wallpapering experience!

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  • Komar Disney Ed.4 -A reunion with old friends and new heroes

    Komar's new Disney catalog offers everything the heart of a true Disney fanatic desires, so every kid can look up to all his favorite characters. With the new designs from the hit movie Frozen 2 there will be a reunion with Anna, Elsa and Olaf, and of course, well-known heroes like Mickey & Co., Mogli and Balu, Simba and Nala or Winnie the Pooh are well represented with exciting designs. In addition, the new Komar collection includes intergalactic Star Wars designs, including the new feature film Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker. Matching the photo murals, there are also art posters and Deco-stickers, which can be perfectly combined with the photo mural designs.

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  • Komar Disney Ed.4 - Star Wars: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers 9

    The intergalactic battle between good and evil is now taking place in your home! With the hottest Star Wars designs by Komar, all fans of the most famous sci-fi saga of our time can now bring home a significant slice of today's pop culture.

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  • Customised photomurals for a hallway by Komar-One

    See how easy it is to wallpaper a staricase with customized photomurals from Komar!

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  • Komar Fototapeten Star Wars

    Vor dem Kinostart des neuen Star Wars Episode 7 Films. Präsentiren wir unsere brandneuen Fototapeten und Deko-Sticker Produkte.

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  • Komar Stefan Hefele Ed. 2

    Summer vacation is over, and autumn is coming closer and closer with every step. However, there is no reason to worry! The new Komar “Stefan Hefele Ed2” collection gives access to the most breathtaking places in our world - all year around! There is no doubt at all that this gathering of nature and metropolitan designs will help you to find a new vacation spot right away. Stefan Hefele, born in 1986 near the Bavarian city of Schwabmünchen, is a photographer and "landscapist". Stefan Hefele’s nature photographs are creating stories that are stimulating our longings and desires.

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  • Komar Products Instagram Video Frozen

    Your favorite princesses are closer than ever! With Komar's Frozen designs, the exciting

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  • Komar Heritage

    The focus is on a time between the mid-19th and the mid-20th century. Herewith, botanical illustrations, graphic patterns or the sensual forms of Art Nouveau were interpreted in a modern way.
    The result is a collection full of poetry and sensuality, which combines the most exciting elements of past and present.

    The collection "Heritage Edition I" is divided into four categories:

    Amour Nouveau – Delicate forms full of poetry and sensuality
    Obsession Intense – The opulent beauty of nature
    Nuit d’Or – Mysterious views with deep effects
    Paon Irisé – Organic ornaments in bright colors

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  • National Geographic Art Poster

    The new Art Prints by Komar in cooperation with National Geographic offer wonderful insights into the dreamlike wildlife. Many of these animal species are wanted by hunters and poachers due to their uniqueness, so that over the past years and decades a strong decline has been recorded. With the new collection of Art Prints, Komar wants to emphasize the importance of protecting these breathtaking animals and respecting their habitat. And wall decoration in three sizes (30x40 cm, 40x50 cm, 50x70 cm) has been created, which is available with or without a frame and gives customers the opportunity to bring a small piece of these wonderful creatures into their home.

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    The Jumbo catalogue features 66 photomural designs and is divided into six themes. One important trend is "Botanical". Large-scale leaves and stunning rain forest shots add a jungle flair to interiors. An atmosphere of calmness and spatial depth is created by the pared-down, artistically inspired designs of "Shapes and Patterns", while the motifs of "White Shades" add monochrome areas and opulent floral patterns to walls in an elegant and artistic manner.

    The nature shots of "Decent Landscapes" are sensitive, romantic and mysterious. The motifs of "Fresh" prove that palm-lined beaches, an all-time photomural favourite, can still create a contemporary vibe. A bird's eye view of a beach or palm trees reflected in the sea make a fresh, innovative statement on any wall. Kids' rooms also get a modern, stylish makeover. "Petite" features lots of attractive, playful designs.

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  • Komar Imagine Edition 3 - Stories

    Our Komar collection Imagine Edition 3 - Flowers and Textures combines amazingly realistic material imitations with floral photographs and contemporary 3D designs.

    Futuristic honeycombs in silver grey or a collage of white fan-shaped origami: graphic 3D designs with depth effect make rooms look larger and stand out thanks to true-to-life colouring.

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  • Komar Infinity

    With our innovative motives, the perfect illusion succeeds on the wall! The wallpaper is printed with the most modern and ecologically friendly digital printing technic on a 1m wide certificated wallpaper fleece. Spatial highlights are put by their graphic patterns, futuristic motives and innovative optics.

    The motives are available in different color variations and dimensions. This creates infinite possibilities for creative wall designs!

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  • Komar Photomurals

    Get a glance at our photomurals collection, the production process and our new company building.

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  • Komar Flowers & Textures: The dress code for walls

    Pünktlich zum Erscheinen des neuen Komar Katalogs Imagine Edition 2 - Flowers & Textures präsentieren wir eine kleine Inspiration die dazu einlädt, der Fantasie freien Lauf zu lassen.

    Komar sets new trends with its Flowers & Textues collection.

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  • 50 years of Komar

    50 years of Komar - 50 years of photomural designs!

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  • Photomurals-Display 124 cm

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