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Blue sky with clouds

Sky Photomurals

Scenes of heavenly clouds create a romantic oasis of well-being at home. Delicate fleecy clouds on the horizon or imposing storm clouds in the light of the setting sun provide a somnolent ambience, guaranteeing sweet dreams.   

Himmel Spruch

Hazy Hush

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€115.60* €23.12*/m²

Simply Sky

Non-woven adhesive round mural Ø 125 cm
€69.54* €2.83*/m²

Like heaven

Surrounded by the peaceful blue skies and endless cloud motifs of these wall murals, your worries will float away, making life seem much easier. These designs bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to your home, feeling like heaven on earth.

Mystic Cranes

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 280 cm
€171.42* €15.31*/m²

Relic Clouds

Non-woven adhesive round mural Ø 125 cm
€69.54* €2.83*/m²

Flamingos in the Sky

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 280 cm
€171.42* €15.31*/m²

Blue Valley

Non-woven adhesive round mural Ø 125 cm
€66.10* €2.69*/m²
Himmel Double

Coconut Heaven 

Photomural on non-woven 450 x 280 cm
€211.76* €16.81*/m²

Bayrische Idylle

Photomural on non-woven 350 x 280 cm
€177.33* €18.09*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€94.57* €18.91*/m²

Mellow Clouds

Photomural on non-woven 350 x 250 cm
€141.85* €16.21*/m²

Azur Ocean

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 250 cm
€230.81* €23.08*/m²

The Sea View

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 200 cm
€159.59* €19.95*/m²

Hazy Hills

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 250 cm
€231.39* €23.14*/m²

Morning Breeze

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€119.47* €23.89*/m²

Sky and cloud murals – heavenly inspiration for your home

We look to the sky for a sense of freedom, release and space. Sky murals, therefore, impart serenity and relaxation above all. Komar offers a wide range of sky murals to make your home even cosier. The fairytale images inspire happiness and dreams to lose yourself in.

Photomurals with sky motifs brighten up your own four walls

A bright blue sky blending into a turquoise blue sea on the horizon and a white sandy beach in the foreground – sky and beach murals bring you within touching distance of paradise, enchanting your home and awakening holiday feelings. Especially after a stressful day at work, sky murals can work wonders. Just sit back and enjoy!

But even if you don’t want to lose yourself in dreams of the Caribbean or Hawaii, there’s a wide array of murals featuring the sky and clouds to choose from. From breathtaking landscape photomurals featuring dramatic sky views to the aurora borealis and countless stars as well as scenes decorated in delicate flowers – the variety truly is heavenly.

Marvel at the moon or twinkling starry skies: murals to take your breath away

It is not only sunset murals that perfectly illustrate the varying hues of the sky. The night sky rivals this diversity with its twinkling stars or the luminescent green aurora borealis. The skies and clouds look even more impressive on a window scene mural. The window effect adds depth to your room and makes you feel like you are looking out of a window onto the colourful scenery. Komar makes your dreams come true!

Cloudy sky murals: delicate shapes and atmosphere

A cloud-filled sky really is a picture-book backdrop. Experience true peace and relaxation as you contemplate the delicate clouds and rich colours, and let your thoughts wander. There are sky motifs to suit any room: bringing sweet dreams in the bedroom or a breath of fresh air as a kitchen mural.
One look at our sky and cloud murals and you will see that the sky is not always blue. When deciding on a motif, therefore, be sure to also consider the colour mood. Light blue has a calming effect while the dark blue of more compact, heavy cloud formations appears dramatic. The sky over a flower mural, on the other hand, radiates warmth. Sky murals can thus help you achieve very different moods in a room.

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