FAQ Photomurals


In which dimensions are the photomurals available?

Our range includes photomurals in large dimensions until 388 x 270 cm as well as designs convenient for doors, for example 92 x 220 cm. Depending on dimensions, the murals consist of two, four or eight panels in vertical or horizontal format. The description of each motif in our product overview includes the number of panels and the available dimensions of this motif.


Is it possible to order photomurals in a different size?

If your favored motif is not available in a size you need, please feel free to contact us. We gladly individualize our motifs for you. Almost any format is possible. We produce these custom-made photomurals with high-quality digital printing on non woven material. Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.


Is it possible to produce a photomural with my own motif?

We gladly produce a photomural with your own, individual motif. Due to digital printing it is possible to produce small quantities as well as individual items. Just send us your design in a digital format and we print an individual photomural on high-quality non woven material. The quality of data is crucial for this procedure. Please feel free to contact us. Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.


Which paste should I use to apply a photomural to the wall?

For applying our photomurals (printed on high-quality special paper) to the wall, you can use commercial standard wallpaper paste. Please have a look at our manual, which is enclosed with each of our murals.
Our 4-part and 8-part paper murals already contain paste within the delivery, smaller formats and non-woven photomurals do not contain paste.


Are photomurals washable?

If you would like to remove excess paste or little smudges, this is conditionally possible. Please use a moist foam or rag (moist but not soaked!!) and remove smudges carefully by dabbing off. Please use only lukewarm water, no cleanser!


Is it possible to apply photomurals in wet rooms or outdoors?

In principle our photomurals are made for indoors and should not be constantly exposed to moisture or wetness. It is conditionally possible to apply photomurals outdoors or in wet rooms, provided the wall is sheltered from rain, wind and wetness. Thereby it is important to work with preservatives for murals. But this is without guarantee on our part.


What should I do, if I have bubbles after applying the mural?

After placing a panel of the photomural on the wall, remove all bubbles by stroking them carefully from the centre to the edges. Should there still be small bubbles after applying the mural, you can prick them with a tenuous needle so that the air can get out of the bubbles. Please work very carefully!


Can I reorder particular panels of the photomurals?

Because of conditions of production it is merely possible to order whole motifs.


How should I prepare the surface of the wall?

The wall surface has to be prepared in the same way as for ordinary wallpaper: Rough areas have to be eliminated; the ground should be plane, dry and free of dust, oil-based paint or any previous wall covering. The ground should be able to assimilate moisture to enable a drying.


Is it possible to remove a photomural and apply it again?

Even after years, it is possible to remove a photomural from the wall. At this you have to work with much water to deglutinate the mural. Nevertheless removing the panels is not possible without leaving residues on the wall. You cannot apply the mural once again.


Can I apply the photomural without overlap?

Because of conditions of production it is necessary to print motifs in such a way that they have to be applied with overlap. We recommend overlapping each bottom panel with the upper one so that the edge is hardly visible.


What happened if the particular panels have different sizes resp. the edges of panels do not match?

After pasting a panel, allow the paste to soak for 3 minutes before applying the panel to the wall. That is important because the paper extends in this time. If you place a panel on the wall before this process has completed, this panel would be smaller in size as the other ones and won’t match with the whole motif. Beyond that, in this case the panel will continue with extending on the wall; cracking of the photomural and bubbles could occur. The effect is similar, if you compare a dry panel without paste to the panels which are already applied to the wall. The dry panel cannot match with the whole motif because it extends as well after applying the paste.


How long is the delivery time?

We have the standard range of our photomurals on stock; therefore they are ordinarily available at any time.


Is it possible to send photomurals back?

The general right to return within fourteen days is valid. You have to inform us immediately about any faults of the product. Please lay out the wallpaper prior to application to ensure that all pieces correspond correctly, as we cannot assume liability for the cost of placing the murals.