Cool & cozy: Photomurals with wood and stone motifs

Currently, we see a social trend towards nature and naturalness, a focus on essential values and the reduction of necessary things. This trend is also reflected by interior design – photomurals in cool stone looks or natural woodgrains are in great demand. If you don’t live in a wooden house or an industrial loft you can easily create this natural habitation atmosphere with wall murals in wood and stone looks.

Stone walls
Photomurals with stone looks are especially suitable for open and modern living spaces – they exude a cool loft-feeling for a minimalist, urban residential atmosphere. Wether you choose the grey „Concrete Blocks“ of a New York loft, the typical red bricks of a british „Bricklane“, or the natural „Stonewall“ – with photomurals in stone designs you will create a reduced, clear sense of space in a jiffy.

Stonewall   Bricklane   Concrete Blocks

Wooden walls
Photomurals with wooden looks will bring coziness and warmth into your home, because they generate the romantic charme of a quaint cabin. The wall mural „Whitewashed Wood“ causes a soft and relaxing residential atmosphere with its light beige colors. The hip retro look of the mural „Shabby Chic“ exudes a cozy warmth and the individual wooden cubes of the photomural „Lumbercheck“ provide deepness and a natural flair to every room.

Whitewashed Wood   Shabby Chic   Lumbercheck

Wallpapering the easy way!
Depending on size, Komar's photomurals consist of several parts and can be affixed easily on walls in neraly no time. Be creative and transform your home into your personal space of recreation!

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