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White photomurals

Mur de Papillons

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€94.45* €18.89*/m²

Illuminating Ivy

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€109.89* €21.98*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 400 x 280 cm
€209.42* €18.70*/m²

Silver Beach

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 280 cm
€187.32* €16.73*/m²

White walls with a difference

Non-woven murals in white are available in original textured patterns or as a white snowy landscape for that wonderful "fresh room" feeling. White marble or fairy-tale floral images also create a stylish ambience in an instant.

Decent Leaf

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 280 cm
€110.15* €19.67*/m²


Photomural on paper 368 x 254 cm
€94.41* €10.10*/m²

Baroque Grey

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€104.69* €20.94*/m²

Cherry Pure

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€104.69* €20.94*/m²

Eyes Wide Open Trio white-grey

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 250 cm
€219.40* €21.94*/m²


Photomural on paper 368 x 254 cm
€94.41* €10.10*/m²

Coquilles Blanches

Photomural on non-woven 150 x 280 cm
€88.10* €20.98*/m²

Pure Wall

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€110.24* €22.05*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 300 x 250 cm
€159.76* €21.30*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 400 x 250 cm
€209.37* €20.94*/m²

Ocean Surface

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 280 cm
€121.17* €21.64*/m²


Photomural on paper 368 x 254 cm
€94.41* €10.10*/m²

White Brick

Photomural on paper 368 x 254 cm
€94.41* €10.10*/m²

White photomurals

Why decorate a white wall with a white mural? Quite simply because white photomurals are not boring, but can set the scene stylishly and elegantly with texture, design, motifs and shapes!

Photomurals and non-woven murals in white blend unobtrusively into the room, the understatement promoting a room concept with plenty of space for creative living.

White murals featuring stylish nature motifs

Sky photomurals in white

Sky photomurals featuring white clouds against a bright blue sky or flitting across a pink sky at dusk are breathtakingly beautiful. White mist photomurals, on the other hand, bring a more mystical ambience to your home. And with white snow landscapes, you bring the peace and beauty of a winter scene direct into your white living room.

Photomurals featuring white flowers and blossoms

Flowers photomurals featuring white blossoms add a fresh, yet romantic touch to your room. White murals featuring beautiful white roses in full bloom or spring-like white apple blossoms radiate charm in every room, skilfully staging your white walls.

However, murals featuring leaves, undergrowth and forests in white colour nuances also add a modern, natural touch: black and white foliage or white birch trunks provide contrast on the wall.

Water and beach murals in white

A waterfall plunging thunderously into the depths transforms clear water into a white splendour, bringing energy and freshness to your bathroom, for example. Beach motifs are also a thing of beauty. As large-format murals in your bedroom, white sandy beaches or the white spray of the waves are sure to have you dreaming of your next holiday in the South Pacific!

White textured murals: stone, wood and paper effects are particularly striking

White (non-woven) murals with texture that appears deceptively real are particularly striking. A white brick wall as a kitchen photomural or white wooden planks in the living room provide a rustic, cosy feel, showing how versatile white murals can be. White non-woven murals featuring origami-like patterns on the other hand look wonderfully soft and delicate.

Simple, striking and abstract: white design murals

White patterned or 3D-effect design murals are modern, stylish and clean. Different shades of white blend into abstract murals that are anything but boring. Graphic 3D-effect murals in white are real eye catchers. White murals featuring small, colourful accents are also beautiful; more work of art than mural.

Komar also offers cute design murals in white for children’s bedrooms. You’ll find Dumbo and Bambi on white nursery murals, for example, while, for little girls, there are pretty white nursery murals featuring Elsa or Minnie Mouse. For the boys, there are white children’s bedroom murals featuring Darth Vader or the Stormtroopers!

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