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Brown photomurals

Brown is the colour of the earth's soil. It provides a cosy, warm atmosphere and can be combined well with other natural tones. Our collection of brown murals contains not only soft motifs but also an enormous range of non-woven dinosaur, brick wall and used-look murals.

Rustic Roses

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€109.89* €21.98*/m²

Modular Moiety

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€109.89* €21.98*/m²

Brown symbolizes the color of the earth and warms from within

Brown photomurals are so versatile. Regardless of whether the photomural depicts desert impressions, an exciting pattern or a casual illustration of an old map, its colour palette remains simple and close to nature, which is obviously due to the very nature of the colour brown.

Artful Arabica

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€109.89* €21.98*/m²

Calm Creativity

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€109.89* €21.98*/m²

Grande Giardino

Photomural on non-woven 300 x 250 cm
€159.95* €21.33*/m²

Adventure Awaits

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 250 cm
€209.95* €21.00*/m²

Deep Delight

Photomural on non-woven 500 x 250 cm
€259.95* €20.80*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 400 x 280 cm
€154.25* €13.77*/m²

Red Slate Tiles

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 280 cm
€154.25* €13.77*/m²

Mills Board Mondial whiteice-mocca

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 250 cm
€219.40* €21.94*/m²

Macchiato Mountains

Photomural on non-woven 300 x 250 cm
€125.90* €16.79*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 350 x 250 cm
€136.45* €15.59*/m²

Herbs Garden

Photomural on non-woven 200 x 250 cm
€94.40* €18.88*/m²

Grand Wonder 

Photomural on non-woven 450 x 280 cm
€197.35* €15.66*/m²


Photomural on paper 368 x 254 cm
€94.41* €10.10*/m²


Photomural on non-woven 300 x 250 cm
€165.27* €22.04*/m²

Brown photomurals

Brown has long been a trend colour in the world of interior design and that is unlikely to change any time soon. But it is not only a colour for furniture, it is also perfect on photomurals.

Brown photomurals convey a sense of warmth and comfort. That is because the popular colour is reminiscent of wood, foliage or trees. It also harmonises well with many other colours. Whether black, red, orange or yellow – brown photomurals blend perfectly with your interior.

Brown, wood-effect photomurals create feel-good moments within your own four walls

Komar offers a wide range of brown murals, first and foremost of course the wood-effect photomurals. The wood-effect murals in rich brown tones create a feel-good ambience that is just what you need after a stressful day at work. Each mural has a different effect: chalet wall, wooden panel or wood blocks. With brown, wood-effect photomurals, you can thus design your room naturally and harmoniously.

Classic single-colour brown designs add a touch of elegance to your walls. Murals with dominant brown tones are a great way of achieving a pleasant room atmosphere.

The perfect view – window scene photomurals bring the most beautiful scenes in the world within your own four walls.

‘Window scene’ photomurals are an extra special type of brown mural. They offer a view of a scene through a brown stone or wooden window, for example. The special advantage is that, due to their depth effect, these murals visually enlarge the room. Because, as everyone knows, living space is at a premium and it is not unusual to feel somewhat cramped within your own four walls. After a long day, you need somewhere calm and peaceful to recharge your batteries. The solution? Window scene murals with heavenly views.

Feel closer to nature inside your home with forest murals

The colour brown immediately evokes nature, forests and the countryside. In addition to solid-brown photomurals, Komar offers a wide range of forest murals. Forest photomurals are an enchanting way to bring nature directly into your own home. They bring a feeling of nature, freshness and vitality into your own four walls and invite you to kick back, relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Bedroom murals – brown wall décor to beautify your bedroom.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s where you come to relax, unwind and sleep. So creating a room with a warm and cosy ambience couldn’t be more important. Bedroom photomurals in brown shades are perfect for giving rooms a cosier, more harmonious ambience.

A rustic brown stone wall, the French countryside or a dense forest in Winter – whatever you choose, brown murals are a real eye-catcher in the bedroom and around the house.

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