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Blue photomurals

Blue tones have a soothing and harmonising effect – reminiscent of looking up at the sky or losing our thoughts in the vastness of the ocean. The colour blue also epitomises clarity and serenity. 


Photomural on non-woven

Mild Mounds

Photomural on non-woven

Blue harmony in every motif

The photomurals of the infinite sea or motifs of exotic climbing plants, accented with shimmering gold ornaments, look so cool and calm. Regardless of the image depicted, anyone longing for an impactful room colour will find what they are looking for here.

Idyllic Indigo

Photomural on non-woven

Creeks Crossing

Photomural on non-woven


Photomural on non-woven


Photomural on non-woven


Photomural on non-woven


Photomural on non-woven

Deep in the Jungle

Photomural on non-woven


Photomural on non-woven


Photomural on non-woven

Blue Aura

Photomural on non-woven

Beyond Botanic

Photomural on non-woven

Endless Energy

Photomural on non-woven

The Shore

Photomural on non-woven

Blue photo murals

Blue is the absolute favourite colour - of many men as well as women. No wonder, because the colour blue is associated with a lot of positive energy, space and tranquillity, which you can bring into every room when decorating with blue wallpapers.

Relaxation, harmony and a balancing silence - this effect is easily brought into your living space by photo wallpapers in blue tones. On the other hand, blue photo wallpapers with nature motifs create a feeling of vastness, infinity and freshness - like the sky and the sea. Since the colour blue offers numerous different shades - such as blue-grey, blue-green, turquoise blue, light blue or dark blue, the selection of blue non-woven wallpapers and photo wallpapers from Komar is also endless.

Blue photo wallpapers have a refreshingly cool effect

From light blue to dark blue: wallpapers bring nature into the room
In nature, the colour blue is associated with water and sky - both exude vastness, depth and infinity. Caribbean photo wallpapers, for example, offer a perfect motif for this: The glittering turquoise-blue sea water stretches to the horizon, where it touches the summery, light-blue tropical sky. When metre-high green palm trees gently sway in the wind on the white sandy beach, the impression of a dream beach is perfect - and provides pure holiday feeling as beach wallpaper in the study or kitchen!

A perfect choice for every room: blue unit wallpapers or photo wallpapers
Photo wallpapers with landscape motifs offer you many more possibilities to get that cool look in your room. Wallpapers with blue-grey mountain massifs, blue-green wallpapers of lush coastal landscapes or white-bluish misty clouds. There are almost no limits to the blue colour shades and nuances. That's why blue wallpapers offer a wide range of motifs - the right wallpaper in blue can be found for every taste and every room.

Landscape wallpapers in blue tones are particularly suitable as living room wallpaper: The three-dimensional landscape provides more depth in the room, the bluish colour nuances create a relaxed, calm atmosphere in which you can wonderfully relax from everyday stress. But also in other rooms, such as the study, the kitchen or as blue non-woven wallpaper in the bathroom, the eye-catchers come into their own.

A different take on blue: blue design wallpaper in a pattern mix

Whether stripes, flowers, patterns or structure - blue design wallpapers bring so many advantages with them. There are no limits when it comes to choosing the right type of wallpaper. Since blue as a basic colour harmonises wonderfully with all other colours, Komar offers a large selection of blue pattern wallpapers. From luxurious to baroque to Mediterranean, very different moods are possible in your room.

Patterns, motifs and colour combinations in blue design wallpapers are as multifaceted as the colour itself. Whether as a dark blue wallpaper with a scale look or as a sky blue wallpaper with symmetrical ornaments - photo wallpapers with patterns & designs fit both the blue living room and the blue bedroom.

But there are also wallpapers in blue tones for the children's room: from light blue wallpapers with ice queen Elsa to turquoise photo wallpapers with Arielle to dark blue wallpapers with Star Wars motifs - Komar also offers the perfect blue wallpaper for the wall for kids and teens.

It's up to you: The effect of the different blue tones of a wallpaper

As already mentioned, blue pattern and photo wallpapers bring a relaxed and cool effect to the room. It is important to note that a light blue in particular, for example sky blue, visually enlarges the room, while a dark blue is particularly effective in spacious rooms.

The blue wallpapers also allow for exciting colour combinations. In the bedroom in particular, you can soften the cool look somewhat by using warm colours on other walls.

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