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Garden season

Garden season

Get out into the garden!
Spring is here, heralding the start of gardening season. If you have a balcony, a terrace or even a garden, you can count yourself lucky. After all, what could be better than enjoying the first rays of sunshine from your own deck chair in your own garden? We have looked into the key things to consider when it comes to outdoor furniture.

First and foremost, it is advisable to make a sketch of the garden area. How do you want to lay out the terrace or balcony and which pieces of furniture do you need? You therefore need to determine what the area will mainly be used for. Will it be a place for relaxing and taking a nap or reading a book? Or will the outdoor area serve more as an al fresco dining area for balmy barbecue evenings with friends? These questions need to be resolved first before decisions can be made about buying garden furniture.

What is the best sort of material for garden furniture?

Garden furniture is usually made of weatherproof and UV-resistant material. If you are looking for durable garden furniture, garden chairs and tables made of aluminium are a good choice. It is important that the material is rust-free. One advantage of metal furniture is that it is light and very stable. When combined with rattan or fabric, metal furniture not only looks robust but is also stylish. With fabric-covered loungers, it should be noted that they are usually not removable and are therefore more complicated to clean. Outdoor furniture made of plastic is somewhat less hard-wearing. It is more unstable and may become brittle over the years. On the other hand, it is often easy to stack and maintain and much lighter. In addition, plastic furniture is often less expensive to buy. If you like a more natural look, why not choose wood or rattan? Both give the outdoor area a natural vibe and can withstand cold and wet conditions. Nevertheless, both rattan and wooden furniture should be covered in winter, or ideally stored in a dry area. Glass garden tables are easy to wipe clean and do not heat up as easily. However, glass tables must be placed in areas sheltered from the wind because heavy gusts may cause them to tip over and break.

Choosing my garden lounge style.

Garden furniture should suit its surroundings. If you only have a small balcony, you could save space by buying a hanging balcony table and folding chairs. The chairs can be conveniently folded and stowed away, and the table can also be quickly unhooked. Garden lounge sets are particularly effective in large outdoor areas. Rattan furniture creates a holiday-home vibe. A lounger made of real wood has a timeless, elegant appeal. Outdoor plastic furniture usually comes in stylish on-trend shades. For a pop of colour, look for furniture made of polyrattan or galvanised steel. Both types of furniture are usually available in a range of colours.  In the end, it all comes down to taste. However, when choosing garden seating, don’t go for the cheap option, as this could prove to be a false economy and you may end up needing to replace it sooner rather than later.

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