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Relaxation and style: the magic of Calm Colours Part 1

Relaxation and style: the magic of Calm Colours Part 1

In today's hectic world, more and more people are longing for a place of peace and relaxation within their own four walls. A simple yet effective way to create such an atmosphere is to use wallpaper in calm shades, also known as "Calm Colours". We explore the fascinating world of Calm Colours and how they can add a harmonious and calming touch to any home.

Which colours are Calm Colours?

Here is a small list of different colours that typically belong to the Calm Colours colour palette:

  1. Pastel blue: A light, soft blue that is reminiscent of the sky and radiates calm.
  2. Mint green: A delicate green that conveys freshness and harmony.
  3. Pale pink: A pastel shade of pink that is reminiscent of rose petals and promotes relaxation.
  4. Beige: A neutral colour that conveys warmth and security.
  5. Light grey: A soft grey that radiates elegance and balance.
  6. Cream: A warm, light colour that creates cosiness and calm.

Why Calm Colours in wallpaper?

Calm Colours are shades that radiate calm and relaxation. Sea blue and sage green - the Calm Colours palette contains flowing natural tones. They create calm spaces where we can relax and clear our heads to rediscover the value of simple things. Here are some reasons why Calm Colours are so popular in wallpaper:

  1. Relaxation and stress relief: A room with Calm Colours wallpaper helps to reduce stress and promote a feeling of relaxation. Studies have shown that Calm Colours can lift the mood and reduce stress. They are therefore perfect for rooms where you want to relax, such as bedrooms, living rooms or home offices. The colours have a calming effect on our senses and create a harmonious atmosphere.
  2. Timeless elegance: Calm Colours are timeless and never go out of fashion. They lend every room a classic elegance that will endure over the years.
  3. Versatility: Calm Colours can be easily combined with other colours and furnishing styles. They go well with modern, classic, Scandinavian and many other design styles.

Now you know why Calm Colours are currently so popular and can therefore be a perfect addition to any room. In part 2 later this month, we will give you more insights into the topic of calm colours and how you can use them creatively as design options.

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