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Create a stylish ambience

Create a stylish ambience

Murals make the perfect backdrop for a restaurant, café or bar area and are often used in hotels and restaurants to create a cosy, appealing ambience. Murals can also be the ideal solution for kitchens or clubs to enhance the space or add character. Murals are easy to clean and, with a little practice, can also be hung with ease.

And if it should become damaged? No problem! Murals are also easy to replace or fix with replacement panels in the event of damage.

If you too are planning a stylish mural backdrop to add the finishing touch to your restaurant, we have put together a few useful tips for you:

  1. Modern café/bar ambience

Whether elegant and modern, opulent, fun and retro, or cosy and intimate, our wide variety of unique non-woven mural designs are guaranteed to create the desired ambience for any café or kitchen. Simply combine with coordinating furniture and interior design elements for the perfect feel-good concept.

Especially recommended are block-colour murals in soft cream, gold or copper tones, or concrete or plaster-effect murals.

Rather than a modern look, perhaps a functional Scandinavian design is preferred, combining natural materials with minimalist furniture, plants and predominantly light colours. In this case, flowers and floral murals, solid-colour murals or graphic and geometric murals are ideal.

  1. Restaurant murals

Given that the overall restaurant concept has become increasingly central to providing a memorable visitor experience, the importance of harmonious wall design cannot be understated. Restaurant owners want to complement their culinary offerings with a space that offers guests a special experience and conveys a particular ambience.

Some classic mural styles for different types of cuisine are as follows:

  • Metal-effect murals – fusion cuisine
  • Primeval forest/jungle murals – Asian cuisine
  • Natural wood-effect murals – traditional home-style cuisine
  • Moroccan mosaic effect – Mediterranean cuisine

Explore our extensive designer mural range, including photomurals, non-woven and vinyl murals now, and find the perfect stylish and individual backdrop for your restaurant.

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