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National Geographic dinosaurs

National Geographic dinosaurs

Go prehistoric - Millions of years ago, earth’s inhabitants experienced a sudden mass extinction that affected three-quarters of the plant and animal species on Earth. This was what killed the dinosaurs; they were completely wiped out.

But what if the meteorite had passed the Earth by? Perhaps the dinosaurs would have survived and who knows what life would be like today?

The new Komar murals give would-be palaeontologists young and old a vivid taste of what life could have been like with the dinosaurs. These exciting dinosaur motifs under licence from National Geographic bring the prehistoric heroes up close. Stegosaurus, Rebbachisaurus or T-Rex are just some of the many giants that can now be admired on the high-quality non-woven murals in your home. Escape to a prehistoric world anytime you want and give your imagination free reign, creating a unique atmosphere in your home.

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