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Roswitha Huber

"I want my work to take over walls, floors and ceilings, to thrust itself into the room!" – Roswitha Huber

Roswitha Huber discovered installation art, photography, architecture and design through painting. Her work is not confined to one medium. Mixed media installations, videos, multiple objects, illugraphics, drawings and graphic designs reflect the possibility of crossing boundaries between painting and space, art and design, original object and multiplicates, multiplicates without original object.

Roswitha Huber's walk-through spatial landscapes of colour, light, structures and everyday objects develop into a self-contained world full of longings that reflects mentality and origin, fashion and everyday life. Her designs for Komar's wallpapers takes us back to the second dimension. The colour spectrum transforms into a picture, the picture, in turn, blends into the room. A lively interior is created.

After graduating from high school in Rosenheim in 1986, Roswitha Huber studied painting at the California College of the Arts in Oakland/USA and the Academy of Fine Art in Nuremberg and the Academy of Fine Art in Munich. She has been a freelance artist since 1994 and lives in Munich.


[Photo: Manu Theobald]

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Way Out merlotpetrol-blue

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 250 cm

Way Out white-ice

Photomural on non-woven 400 x 250 cm