Innovative room design with photomurals in 3D optics

The new 3D photomurals from Komar create a stunning highlight with amazing optical depth in the living room: With modern graphic designs, reduced colours and innovative patterns, every wall gets a masterful scene and becomes an eyecatcher in the room.

Skylines and metropolitan views of New York, Paris or London are popular classics in the range of wall arrangements with photomurals. The new urban 3D motifs are bringing sophisticated big city flair through innovative designs into the living room.

Rush   Duplex  

Floral wallpapers do not only have to be girlish, playful and romantic as demonstrated in the new Komar photomurals with flowers and blossoms in 3D optic: The floral arrangements, because of color contrasts, geometric forms and optic depth, appear trendy and modern.

Flora   Fable   Brazil

Geometric forms are outstanding to create a magical 3D effect on the wall. Square cubes, hexagonal honeycomb or futuristic cyber lines in matrix-optics are creating the impression of moving wall pictures with depth effect, which also give small rooms the opportunity to look much bigger.

Titanium   Matrix   Gravity   Twist

Room area
Using forms and colours, fantastic room images can be created in 3D optics – which create the impression of a room in room look on the wall. Black, white and grey tones are providing an light and shadow effect, the geometric forms will shape the room’s ambiance. Through a 3D photomural you see a vivid impression of several picture levels in the living room.

Icefields   Delta   3D Spherical

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