Disney Photomurals for Big and Small

For years Komar Disney photomurals have been bringing joy to young and old people alike. The classic Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Disney princesses are worshipped by every child. Also the STAR WARS space saga or the marvel superheroes have now achieved a cult factor by big and small fans.

Anyone who would like to admire Disney-Characters not only in the cinema or on TV - Photomurals and Decor-Sticker from Komar give the possibility to decorate the home with popular Heroes and Princesses. At the same time no dimensional limits are set to achieve this: does not matter if it’s a Baby’s room, a child's room, a teenager's chambers or a living room, the fantastic Photomurals-motifs  easily transforms any ordinary room into a charming, magical world.     

Baby’s and kid’s rooms

The decoration and establishment of a baby’s room should be playful and fun, in order to create nurturing environment. The magical Disney photomural's and wall tattoos can successfully achieve this mission: Items from Winnie Pooh and his friends, the charming Disney princesses or the playful Disney Cars, makes every child’s heart race of joy and excitement. Created by a humorous room atmosphere in which everyone can play, learn and discover the world.

Rapunzel   Winnie Pooh Piglet   Cars3 Simulation

The Komar Photomurals with Disney designs, thanks to its excellent quality, can be placed into any child's room without hesitation. The high quality paper murals are FSC certified and during the production only non-pollutant and exhalation free inks are used to guarantee a pure air room. In conclusion, nothing can stop you from designing a fairy tale world in any child's rooms with Disney Photomurals.

Young adults room

Cool Photomurals for kids and teenagers alike! Which teenager does not want to have an amazing bedroom that is the envy of all their friends. Futuristic 3D Photomurals with Spider-Man, the Marvel Avengers or the Guardians of the Galaxy create a super hero flair in any teenager's room. But also the Jedis, Stromtroopers and space ships from the STAR WARS movies a very popular with young adults and provides an atmosphere from a galaxy far far away in any bedroom. Young girls are especially looking forward to the new strong space heroines as Ray and Princess Leia bring self-confidence and courage to any wall.

Spider-Man New Concrete   Guardians of the Galaxy   STAR WARS Balance

Living Room, Bed Room & Co.

Proof that Disney photomurals are not only for Kids and Teenagers are the new modern designs from Komar: for example The STAR WARS droids for the workshop, the Marvel Avengers for the office or super heroes for kitchen and living room. Modern Collages, pale colors and neutral designs make Disney photomurals presentable. For anyone who is are huge fans of the heroes from STAR WARS or Marvel Movies can create with a Photomural realistic atmosphere of their favourite character and design a futuristic flair at home.

Star Wars Three Droids    Avengers Age of Ultron    Star Wars Darth Vader Collage    Avengers Street Rage

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