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From cool aquamarine tones over bright, turquoise blue to dark night blue - this spring, blue color nuances are setting the tone.
Why do we love blue so much? Because it is the color of the radiant sky and the depth of the sea. It is airy, invigorating and refreshing at the same time but also soothing and relaxing. This color thus plays an important role in the design of the room.

Especially after long, gray winter days, we tend to yearn for freshness and colors in the springtime – therefore, photomurals in trendy shades of blue are creating a modern, invigorating living atmosphere. And blue wall murals might as well show some great effects: they give very small spaces an optical depth.

It is best to combine bluish photomurals with furniture and living accessories in white, gray and crème-tones to create a maritime atmosphere. But also strong colors like yellow, orange or brown do fit excellent to blue tones.

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