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Blue is the colour of the sky. It looks light, invigorating and adds depth even to small rooms.



Give your home a fresh new boost! Greenish blue tones brighten up interiors.



Shades of violet look elegant, lavish and warm. Combined with cool greens, they create stark contrasts for a mystical atmosphere.


Dusky pink & pastel

Pastel nuances such as dusky pink or raspberry look especially soft and delicate and create a dreamy, romantic atmosphere.


Pale pink

Think pink! Don't be afraid of bright colours! They demonstrate confidence and attractiveness. The colour pink is invigorating and suggests wild, untamed energy.



Red is a conspicous colour that immediately catches the eye. On walls, it looks dominant and therefore, it is crucial to create very few highlights and in particular choose the right colour shade. 



Orange is a highly visible colour, paired with a friendly allure. It’s a warm, optimistic and uncomplicated colour with a fresh and modern touch.



Sunny yellow has a positive vibe and spreads optimism and cheerfulness. Its radiance makes even small rooms look spacious, bright and friendly.


Brown & Beige

Brown tones reflect natural materials such as wood and stone, adding authenticity and warmth to a room.



Grey is elegant but low-key and complements any interior style.



White makes rooms appear larger and has a calming, aesthetic appeal.