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For all their modernity, loft apartments go back a long waywith the first lofts emerging back in the 1940s in New York and London.During the process of urbanisation, living space became increasingly scarce, so old factory halls with high ceilings and large windows were converted into residential premises.

Although the name might not suggest it, there's one thing industrial loft apartments have in abundance: and that's light! The dominant wall colour is white. It underlines the clear structures of the interior style and enhances the expansiveness and lightness of the room. Alternatively, untreated wood and natural stone walls are popular features. Exposed bricks and untreated wooden beams introduce a natural note to an otherwise urbane interior concept.

Furnishings, too, tend to embrace simple but sophisticated styles. Instead of textiles, the focus is on wood, metal and leather. A classic black sofa, for example, is as fitting as a rustic dining table with metal chairs.

But rather than being austere, this timeless interior style is welcoming and spacious. Decorative items such as potted plants, stylish lamps and sleek vases are skilfully integrated into the overall picture and add a personal touch to the room.