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Sumptuous roses, oriental marble, cool concrete: floral designs and material textures are brought together in exciting combinations in Komar's new photomural catalogue. Fascinating floral dresses and pared-down shapes are presented from a completely new perspective and create six innovative interior trends. "Enormous enthusiasm went into the new motifs we have created for our customers," says Art Director Frank Zoephel. "We want to be inspirational and encourage people to rediscover themselves."

The creative playgrounds of "Be Colourful" present bright, cheerful colours and playful patterns. Magnificent floral dresses were a fashion trend this summer and these inspired Komar to create "wall dresses" that are full of energy and vitality.

The "Stay Focused" designs are more purist. In their reduced formal language, they make a cool design statement on walls. A modern combination of sleekness and simplicity is what makes up this look.   "Share Memories" – these are floral motifs in delicate pastel shades, such as "La Maison" – a homage to 18th-century watercolour flowers. Re-interpreted, they add an element of romance to interiors.

Let flowers speak! "Flower up" skilfully showcases flowers. Whether delicate tulips, sumptuous roses or the tender leaves of apple blossoms – here we see nature in all its glory.

"Shine On" demonstrates a love of extravagance! The designers experiment freely with cut-outs and transparent sections but also with different textures. The result: timeless compositions made of shiny ornamentations and stylish colours. 

What are our dream destinations? Komar's "Hide away" photomurals conjure up that holiday feeling on walls and take us on a fantastic journey to distant countries and places of longing.

"Flower and Textures" is much more than just a catalogue of photomural wallpapers. Alongside magnificent interior shots and inspiring quotations, the new catalogue offers numerous ideas for wall design and interior decor. A style guide for individualists and trendsetters.

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